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Your Ride to the Heart of Madeira Island.

Looking for transportation to the Levadas?

If you are wanting to Explore the Heart of Madeira Island through the most Iconic Levadas, our Service is for you. We provide transportation to the Levadas.

See our List of Levadas that we provide transportation to them. We will Pick you up at any desired location and take you to the place of the start of the Levada (the one you have chosen) and Pick you up again at the end of that Levada.

Levadas Caldeirão Verde Madeira

Levada – Caldeirão Verde

The Levada of Caldeirão Verde starts on the Forest Park Queimadas and has a distance of 6.5km (+6.5km to return) lasting 3-5hours to complete.

Levadas Rabaçal Madeira

Levada – Rabaçal 25 Fontes

One of the Most Popular Levadas of Madeira with a distance of 4.6km (+4.6km return). It starts on the road ER.110 Rabaçal and end on the Paúl da Serra. Has a Duration of 3 – 4 hours.

Levadas - Norte - Madeira

Levada – Norte

“Levada do Norte” is one of the largest and most important of the island, going through most part of Madeira island. It takes 2 – 4 hours to complete and has a distance of 12.5km.

Levada - Ribeiro Frio - Portela

Levada – Ribeiro Frio – Portela

Levada do Ribeiro Frio Portela” it has a distance of 11km, starts at “Ribeiro Frio” and end at “Portela” with an average of 3 – 4hours.It is on Ribeiro Frio that exist the famous trout hatchery.

Levada - Maroços - Madeira

Levada – Maroços

This Levada starts at “Maroços” in the Red Fountain and ends in Machico. This route takes you to know the valley of Machico, with a total distance of 6km approximately 2 hours duration.

Levada - Ponta de São Lourenço

Levada – Pico Arieiro – Pico Ruivo

Levada Pico Arieiro – Pico Ruivo” has about 7km this trail connects the two highest peaks of Madeira with a duration of 3:30 hours.

Levada - Encumeada

Levada – Boca da Corrida – Encumeada

Levada – Boca da Corrida – Encumeada” With a distance of 12.5 km, estimated time to complete is 5 – 6 h, it’s located in the lowest part of the highest peaks of Madeira. on this trail, you will have views of the Nun’s Valley (Curral das Freiras).

Levada Ponta de São Lourenço

Levada – Ponta de São Lourenço

Levada – Ponta de São Lourenço” With a distance of 4 km (+ 4km return) must start and end in ER.109 (Baía d’Abra Caniçal) lasting about 2:30 hours, it allows to observe the edge of the cliff landscapes of the island.

Levada - Balcões

Levada – Balcões

Levada – Balcões” With a distance of 1.5km (+ 1.5km return) lasting about 1:30 hour, it starts from the ER103 regional road in Ribeiro Frio. It’s one of the easiest Levada walks in Madeira.

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