Traditional dinner

Traditional Dinner or Lunch


This service consist of taking you to the Restaurant and then taking you back to your place or location you are staying in Madeira.

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If you are ready to try different and more traditional meals or Drinks of Madeira, we have the right solution for you. We will take you to the best Restaurants or Bars where you gonna be able to taste the most iconic and traditional meals or drinks in Madeira.

If you want to Book this service, you need to have a minimum of two persons.


In Madeira, the “Espetada” is made in a laurel stick, with origins in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos. The meat is cut into cubes, after that, it’s seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaf before being grilled. Despite the tradition of using a laurel stick as a skewer, in many restaurants, it’s used skewers of iron or aluminum.


The Poncha is a traditional and emblematic drink in Madeira Island, it’s made from sugarcane brandy, sugar and lemon juice. According to some studies, the Poncha its originated in India. Throughout the nineteenth century, the Poncha was a drink consumed a lot in Madeira’s families all over the island, whether they were poor or rich.


Madeira wine is a fortified wine with a high alcoholic content, produced on the slopes and wineries of the Madeira Island Demarcated Region, under exceptional endoplasmic conditions for which natural and human factors compete. It is the main product of the economy of Madeira and a symbol of Madeira around the world. According to the Portuguese manufacturers since 1808, that “the secret is the local grape of excellent quality and the barrels in which they are aged, the local wood of the island, with sea flavor”.

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