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Madeira Island

The island of Madeira has an area of ​741 km2, 57km long and 22km wide.

Its geographical position and its mountainous terrain make the island have a mild climate with very mild temperatures ranging between 25°C in summer and 17°C in winter, combined with a moderate humidity.

The archipelago is formed by the island of Madeira, with capital city in Funchal, the island of Porto Santo, the Desertas Islands, and the Savage Islands(Selvagens), being the Madeira island and Porto Santo de Largest ones.

Have a Good Time


Doing one Levada is one of the best experiences to do on the island, exists more than 3000km of irrigation channels. For cultural and environmental reasons, go taken is one of the outdoor activities more practiced on Madeira throughout the year, both by residents and by visitors. Some passages are taken on rocks over chasms of hundreds of meters deep, crossing other mountains from north to south, through long tunnels. These footpaths can enjoy the best natural landscapes of Madeira.
More than 200 Levadas are in a series of protected areas, of which we highlight the Natural Park of Madeira and the Ecological Park of Funchal.


Madeira offers all the conditions for the practice of this sport. Some of the paths are in Florestal protected areas so its need to request a permit/provisional license. You can have all the pleasure in riding a bicycle or motorbike, along with the Levadas or on uneven dirt roads with obstacles within the forest. You can also rent bicycles or motorbikes on the island of Madeira and in Porto Santo.


Canyoning is the challenge of exploring a river or a course of vertiginous water. The obstacles are overcome by various techniques such as climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming down in. The descents of this water paths show all purity that the island has. During the summer, the rivers of the northern part of the island have a higher flow rate, being more desirable by people. In the winter, the southern slope are the most desirable because its unevenness is softer and with a water flow is softer.

Bird Watching

The Bird Watching in Madeira is one of the most sublime activities. Wherever you go, you are well accompanied by birds as beautiful as rare, marine and terrestrial birds. If you like to admire birds in the archipelago of Madeira there are several areas classified as Biogenetic Reserve and World Natural Heritage Site, some of them are rare in the world. What makes some locations, excellent vantage points of breeding and migratory birds.

Asa Delta and Paragliding

Dare to know the Madeira from above! Practicing gliding and paragliding is one of the most attractive activities to do in Madeira. In this activity, you can enjoy a fantastic aerial view of both the central mountain massif and the sea coast of the island. Throughout the island, there are great places to take off, but if you lack experience, you can always opt to jump accompanied by a pilot who ensures all the adrenaline in perfect safety.

Have a Good Time


The archipelagos of Madeira is one of the most privileged locations in Europe for scuba diving. Temperate and crystal clear waters allow diving in the best conditions. You can dive in Caniço, Garajau, Machico, Caniçal, Santa Cruz, and at Madalena do Mar can find, between 21 and 30 meters deep, 180 meters from the shore, “Bowbelle” is a ship that sank a few years ago and which is today an artificial reef. There are schools and diving companies in Madeira and Porto Santo with specialized tours, baptisms, and equipment for rental.

Observation Cetaceans

Look closely at some of the cetacean species that inhabit or visit these waters this location. Its excellent location in Madeira provides that catch a glimpse various species throughout the year.

Sport Fishing

Just 5 minutes from the town pier, there are great fishing areas where the water depth reaches 1000 meters. The Madeira region waters are favored by migratory routes of many species, such as the “Blue Marlin” and bigeye tuna during the warmer months. You can also find white tunas, albacore, bluefin tuna, blue shark, hammer shark, barracuda, beautiful and swordfish.


The Archipelago of Madeira, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, meets all the conditions for surfing in its excellent waves. You can find all the conditions for this sport and we recommend that you be more careful if a beginner. The coasts of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Santa Cruz and São Vicente are privileged areas. In some of these locations, you can find appropriate schools that will facilitate the first approach to this activity.

Stand up Paddle

The sensation is like to “walk on water”. The Stand-Up Paddle, known as SUP, is standing practiced with a surfboard and a paddle. Let’s enjoy a nautical experience while enjoying the beauty of the island’s landscapes. This quiet sport is ideal for practicing and family fun.

Useful Information

NamePhone numberwebsite
European Emergency Number112
SMM – Emergency Medical Services291 204 480/927 813 729http://www.servicosmedicos.com
SANAS – Relief Sea – Emergency at Sea291230112http://www.sanasmadeira.pt
Via Litoral – Emergency Road Service (Caniçal / Ribeira Brava)800290290http://www.vialitoral.com
Via Express – Emergency Road Service (São Vicente, Porto Moniz, Santana, Calheta)800203040http://www.viaexpresso.com
Madeira International Airport291520700http://www.anam.pt
Porto Santo Airport291980120http://www.anam.pt
Port of Funchal291208600
Harbor of Porto Santo291980180
Foreign Service and borders291214150

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